HengFeng Six Advantages



Twenty years experience in manufacturing  thermostat

The company has 20 years experience in the production of a snap-type thermostat, thermal protector and thermal fuse tube, and particularly familiar with manufacturing the 1/2 inch snap-type temperature controller. We have been to "quality first" to strict with myself, to be stable quality, great variety of goods.



Continuously improve the quality of products and improve the variety

With the change of the market and product promotion, we constantly improve the product variety, quality, and optimize the prices of our production in order to meet different customers' needs.




High production efficiency   Fast delivery cycle

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Strict controling of raw materials

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Via a number of certification 

Our company's product can be adapted to the needs of more areas in the market. Our products have access to the relevant certification, a variety of certificates of honor. Do the quality first.



Not only product quality, more intimate service

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Zhongshan Heng Feng Thermostar Co., LTD

         Predecessor of Zhongshan Heng Feng Thermostat Co., LTD was“Zhongshan Heng Feng Electronic Co.,LTD”。The company has 20 years experience in the production of a sudden jump type thermostat, thermal protector and thermal fuse tube, is particularly familiar with the manufacture of the 1/2 inch jump type temperature controller. The company has moved to the new factory production, covering an area of 1000 square metres...... [View Detail]
恒鋒榮譽證書 HengFeng Certificates
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